Day of the African Child

Day of the African Child

Hail the African Child.

They say Children are greatest imitators in the world, and so, always give them something great to imitate.


I yesterday joined the world in commemorating #AfricanChildDay at Katilit primary school in Embobut Ward, Elgeyo Marakwet County with these amazing kids. The pupils here experience a lot of challenges starting with insecurity that had worsen in the resent past where dozens of innocent lives were lost in the hands of bandits and cattle rustlers.

The steep and sloppy terrains are unbearable. Roads are impassible and therefore making your way to school needs utmost determition and sacrifice so that one may quench the thirst of Education.

But I was impressed to learn that despites all the struggles, these young boys and girls in class 6,7 & 8 have the zeal &determinion to succeed in life.

Special regards goes to organizers of this visit RUTH JEPCHUMBA KILIMO & KELVIN RUTO and the entire team that made it possible including Young (all the way from South Korea)  DJ Warship of Swag Sounds, Chemisto Photography, MC YogoYogo, Collins Kibet, Mercy Kangogo, Cynthia et-al.



Am looking forward going back there in the near future and find out what destiny hold for these amazing kids.