Role of Men in Ending FGM

Role of Men in Ending FGM
On the International Day of ZERO TOLERANCE, 6 FEBRUARY 2017, Elgeyo Marakwet Girls Foundation (EMGF) joined the rest of the world in commemorating this day.
In accordance with United Nations (UN) Act, Sustainable development demands full human rights for all women and girls and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises an end to the brutal cut against girls and women called FGM by 2030.
Female Genital Mutilation {FGM} is often carried out for a variety of reasons. In some places, it is the belief girls must be cut to control their libido. In Marakwet Community, it is the perception that intact girls are dirty and ugly, or that cutting is a prerequisite for marriage. But the truth is that the practice cause serious medical problems, including hemorrhage, infection, complications in childbirth and even death.
As the champions of girl child rights in the region, the team led by Ruth Jepchumba Kilimo took to Endo Ward, Elgeyo Marakwet County in the slopes of Kerio valley to have an in-depth discussion with the ‘Nyongis’. Nyongis is an age set among the Kalenjins  perceived to be the potential husbands of the current generation of girls who are prone to female genital mutilation subjection.
According to Ruth, the fight against this retrogressive practice is a collective responsibility of the community and therefore, even men have a role to play in ensuring that the vice is completely eradicated in the society and no single girl is in danger of undergoing the cut especially when it’s involuntary.
The International Day of ZERO TOLERANCE could therefore see tens of Nyongis coming together under the scorching sun enduring the hot air breeze to have a chitchat on how to create a safe future for the girl child.
When it comes to FGM, silence can be just as damaging. The young men had to speak out and opine their divergent opinions about this evil practice. To some, they said that it was very important for their parents that they get married to clean girls (those who are cut) which was really disturbing to hear about. To others, they believed that marry an uncut girl will deprive them some sweetness conjugally.  But at the end of the day, the team helped them understand that there is more harm than good in FGM and that we should treat it with ZERO TOLERANCE.
From the discussion, it emerged clearly that men have a role to play and for the sake of their sisters and daughters, they pledged to play them.